Carpet Cleaning Service

How We Are Going to Transform Your Carpet

Carpet Cleaning GreenwichIn order to achieve a great result every time, we follow a standard procedure. First of all, we will inspect the fabrics of your floorcovering, so we can determine its type. Next, we will select the most appropriate detergent. We prefer the usage of non-toxic detergents, because they clean better than the store-bought products. Furthermore, deodorizing solutions will refresh the air in your home for days. Then we will unload the advanced equipment that makes the whole process possible. We will apply either of these two sanitation methods – dry cleaning or hot water extraction. For floor coverings made out of cotton we rely on the dry cleaning technique. On the other hand, for synthetic fabric, hot water extraction works best. The cleaning methods we apply, allow the carpets to dry faster. If you like, we can use protective products such as Scotchguard, to extend the life of your carpet.

Why You Should Consider Professional Carpet Cleaners

We are proud to list what you can expect from our services. Here are the benefits of our carpet heat extraction cleaning technique:

    Carpet Cleaning Greenwich

  • This an on spot service, so you do not have to take your floor coverings out of the house
  • We will revive the fabric of your carpet
  • It will have better and even colour
  • As a result of our procedure, the fabric will be free of bacteria and germs
  • Our service gives no chance of mould forming
  • No need to spend money on new carpets
  • Finally there will be only fresh smell and spotless carpet

Let us help you bring your carpet and rugs back to life. Thanks to our help, you will have a healthier environment to live and work in. Of course, you can combine this service with our upholstery sanitation options. This will make the whole process complete.