Upholstery Cleaning Services

The Way We Execute Furniture Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning GreenwichOnce the cleaners arrive in your house, you have to direct them to the upholstery. Then leave them do the work and return in a few hours to see the result. Of course you can stay and watch how they do their job. First, they choose the correct washing solution that will remove the dirt without damaging the fabric. If there are stains they will apply special detergents. Do not worry, these products are natural and will not harm your health. Afterwards, our professionals will extract the cleaning agents. They will do that by using hot-water extraction machine. Another technique that they use is dry foam cleaning. The difference is that our team apply cleaning foam instead of usual detergents. It takes 10 minutes for the foam to harden. Then they remove it using a vacuuming equipment. Finally after an hour of drying your upholstery is ready for use.

Book Upholstery Cleaners For a Number of Reasons

Our upholstery options are the perfect way to preserve your favorite furniture. The conveniences of having professionals dealing with your furniture sanitation are many:

    Upholstery Cleaning Greenwich

  • We can efficiently remove the stubborn stains and the filth inside the fabric of your furniture. No matter how large or how old the stain is, the cleaners will put their entire knowledge and effort to remove it.
  • Furthermore, they will deodorize and protect your soft furniture from stains.
  • The air in your home will be refreshed and the upholstery will be bacteria free.
  • We can take care of your curtains as well.
  • You will have a healthier place. Children are most vulnerable to germs and mould that may form.That is why we select quality equipment and detergents.
  • Our employees have enough experience and insurance that covers the service.
  • We operate on site. This will save you the hassle of removing your sofas and chairs from your home.