Window Cleaning Services

Enjoy a Window Cleaning with Plenty of Benefits

    Window Cleaning Greenwich

  • Book the service for the date that suits you best.
  • Our experts perform their work according to high standards.
  • Cleaning hard to reach spots of exterior windows, sashes, window sills and skylights are just some of our specialties.
  • We do not use detergents when cleaning on the outer side of the window. We choose to apply an ionized water, instead. It leaves the glass spotless and causes no damage to the exterior of your house.
  • This is a delicate work, because all mistakes may remain visible. That is why we train our employees on a weekly basis. In addition to that all our workers have an insurance that covers all damages. We can also send our builders to fix them.
  • You do not have to buy anything. Our professionals bring their equipment with themselves. You just have to provide a water source and electricity.

The Way We Clean Windows

Window Cleaning GreenwichWhen our experts arrive they will inspect the windows that they are going to work on. In order to choose the best techniques, we recommend to give them the size of your windows in advance. You can mention that during the booking process. Once they are ready with the preparations, they will set up the equipment and get busy. For the most part water-fed pole, ladder, detergent and cleaning materials is their standard equipment. Usually they use the water-fed pole system when they work outside. This way they can easily reach the windows from the ground. In short, the pole has a brush that removes all dirt that the strong water pressure washes it away. When cleaning inside the houses, the cleaners use ladder, detergents, a squeegee and a dry cloth. If there is a stain to remove, they will use an appropriate substance that will not damage the glass.